Our services:

  • Selection and consignment of goods in stock
  • Sourcing of specific items.
  • Goods produced per customer specifications
  • Follow-up on delivery of purchased goods during shows with corresponding documentation.

as a partner

Pentagold knows the mentality in different parts of the world and can speak to the people concerned in their own language.
Since 1991, more than one thousand clients across the world have worked with our team.
A capacity and approach ( problem solving ) resultant from facing many enquiries different from each other.
A big experience means taking the opportunity to submit to your attention particular offers at best conditions from different parts of the world.
We interprete not only world trends and the public’s taste but above all else, the buyers’ needs.
We follow/deal with thousands of orders per year and this compel us to be fast and precise.
You can find us at specialized/sector shows but the best solution is to come and see us.